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G.W.S LED is a UK-based developer and manufacturer of LED lighting, offering a broad variety of LED products for lighting professionals as well as end-users.  G.W.S LED selling lights via eBay, Amazon and Shopify, and our online sales have significantly increased during the COVID-19 lockdown. With the result of the increased sales, some of our new customers found that it was very hard to find what they need from our website,  so the structure has to be reviewed and rebuilt to be a user-friendly and accessible website.


After researching some samples of the other similar online stores, I found out some problems with the structure. Firstly, GWS LED is selling over 600 types and variants of products online, but they were all be sorted under only three categories which are very difficult to find out specific products.


Secondly, customers called us about how to find out specific products on our website, which means the keywords in the title was not clear enough for searching.


Finally, The back-end tag and category were not using standard format causing information missing on some products.


Based on the problems above, I suggested these improvements :

  • Need a clear funnel for customers to get what they need
  • More detail tags and category system for back-end management.
  • Add a “new in” page that displaying new products.


Our customers mainly are electricians or customers who searching specific items being direct to our website, I mapped out the journey for buying a bulb on our website to learn how they use our website. this journey map is based on the result of simple testing with our regular walk-in customers.


Based on the result above, I improved the shop mega menu in the navigation that showing all main categories and sub-categories, so customers can find out what they need from the navigation, and they can use the filters function to narrow down the result. 


To find out the most effective ways to locate a product, I listed out the minimum information needed for searching accurately and added tags to the products based on the requirements. After that, the tags will show at the side filter menu.


the improvements are still ongoing, and my next step is to add more applications categories that allow customers to search products base on where they are using them.


To simplify the listing process, firstly I grouped the similar products together as the same product type. After that, I grouped all the similar product types under the main category. From now on, just simply choose the product type, tags and the product will be added to the category accordingly.