Product design

Graphic Design

Thoth was inspired by the sun/moon dial from the past, and it is a set of “inaccurate” timepieces that would only show hours on the dial. Now users need to be on guard the time because only two situations would happen, either arrive earlier or late about one hour. Furthermore, Thoth is using a new and elegant time telling method, increasing the frequency of users knowing the time.

Delonzor and Julie Morgenstern, an executive establisher and efficiency,  categorized different late reasons into 7 categories, and “the Deadliners” is the problem I was trying to solve.  Ignorance of time is the main reason that makes “the Deadliners” late, They will calculate how much time they have before the meeting, and they will wait until the exact time they need to go, but they are always late as the train delay or traffic jam.

My first concept was using punishment to raise awareness of time. However, punishment is not a good method of habit improvement.

After further discussion with tutors and my “deadliners” friends, I found a better way to solve the problem, which is a design that shows hours only, so “deadliners” have no choice but to leave earlier.

Final Concept

Clock and Watch showing hours only

After the concept has been finalised, I worked on a new method to show time in an elegant way, and the moon phase was the final direction. Time will show when the moon phase’s edge is reaching the dots and numbers. Blue and amber moon are representing Am and PM.

About the material, the clock is made of walnut wood with a copper ring detail and the watch is made of  ABS casing with a silicone strap.

Technical Drawing

Technical drawing and model making

The clock was made in the university workshop, and the watch was outsourced to a model-making company.

Final Design

The Watch and the Clock

The clock was made of a Walnut wood case with copper ring detail. LED display with frosted glass for defusing the light from the display.

The watch was made of a white ABS case with copper ring and crown detail, off white silicone strap and wood case back.

Graphic Design